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I want to give thanks to every one who has supported me through the MA Authorial Illustration course I have been on. Its been a challenging couple of years. With health issues added into the mix. I have now completed the course and leave with an MA Merit 

The MA was just the beginning

 and now the challenge begins.

I have been able to change the direction of my work as an artist to include research and have developed a voice. I have approached everything in the light of my own faith, a Christian and respectfully engaged in conversations from a spectrum of views

and ideas. Has a mature person I have been on Journey in my creative practice.

I am eager to develop further the things I have been exploring. A door was opened to me to think about storytelling and illustration. 

Poetic storytelling is how I describe my practice. Im a dyslexic which makes me see language in a slightly different way. And other than the obvious problems with dyslexia is a benefit to me. One of the problems is that it takes more time and energy to craft the stories. Checking and rechecking. And time and money become issues.

I hope that my work will benefit others. 

Your Investment will help me bring these projects to life and complete a project that has been two and a half years in the making.

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