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A Dummy Book 
The Old Whale and the Deep Blue Sea


The Old Whale and the Deep Blue Sea is  an 

illustrated poem. The cover illustration came

first. A painting in oils on stretched canvas,

made in the summer of 2020, and classed has

a nocturne. A moonlit subject  in this case.

Painted to celabrate the halfway stage of the 

Authorial Illustration Course I had begun.

The poem followed telling the story from the

whales perspective. Illustrations followed 

based on the verses. Of which some sample

pieces are included on this page. A dummy book was designed with the purpose of putting it infant of a publisher. I intended to produce a book of quality, but with enough development potential that a publisher may want to add.


Two other element to add into the book has companion pieces are 1 Map 2 Ship diagram.

The first has been made the second yet to be made.


The map is made in the style of a 19th Century map.

A3 landscap paper1 whale1aa.jpg

The End Papers designed with the two subjects. The Ship and the Whale superimposed over a wave motif 

A3 landscap backpapersmall_edited.jpg
map esk lively1a tint  fin1a.jpg
york rose.jpg

Making  the book

Once the poem had been penned I produced line drawings to compliment the verses. The poem was set in Indesign. Here is our sample drawings

Whale 8ab.jpg
Image Whale 1 a.jpg

Extract vs 1

"Old whale of the sea

all over grey and blue

His huge face

bearing the marks of his  long  life

And the clash of  titans below in

the deep blue sea." 

drowning sailor byapj.jpg
Whale 9ab.jpg

Companion Piece to the book and can be a pull out along with the map.

Ship and whale size diagram.jpg
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