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Ashley P Jennings

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Poetry - Stories of the Sea - Stories from Natural and social histories

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​​The home of Ashley Jennings MA BA (hons) HNdip




New and developing works 

Painting Drawing and Printmaking


Living on the coast my work often reflects the moods of changing weather,

together with the physicality and the spirituality of such places I try to evoke

and capture this essence.

Touching the divine through nature












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Authorial Illustration  and Artist statement

I  was  born  an  artist.  Since  leaving school  I  have  worked 

across a wide variety of visual art forms.   Including  traditional 

fine art and illustration, painting, drawing,  print  making   and ​ 

digital media and have gained wide experience in the Industry.


This  website  reflects  a  variety  of  work  including illustrations

 have made while working on my MA in Authorial Illustration at

Falmouth University.

I have always told stories in my work, some times hidden and

some times in clear view.  These  stories touch on themes from  

the sea, both  natural  and  social  history  are  now rooted in

my work. I have been exploring our maritime past and the effects

 on  whale  populations. The work was presented in the 2022

MA   show   at Falmouth  University.


'The old whale and the deep blue sea' is an illustrated poem about a whale hunt told from the whale's point of view. Over the past year this poem has been the centre of my developing work and I have now created a 'dummy book' for submission. ​​

I have undertaken research which formed a thesis into the early days of whaling. This formed a foundation and investigation into the social history of a British whaling town, Whitby on the east coast of Yorkshire, spanning from the middle ages to the 19th century. And a good stating point for the stories I tell. Stories of the sea, of love and loss.

Faith Hope and Charity a Work in Progress

This Oil Paint has taken some time to develop and is unashamedly a 'faith' painting that reflects my own personal christian faith and relationship with Yeshuah (Jesus) Messiah. It is full of symbolism and hidden meaning. This painting has changed and grown in both design and will continue to evolve. (I use the word loosely) In many ways it is a first. I don't often paint faith subjects. But this is a transformative moment for me. I am employing Turners attitude in moving objects around that are somewhere other than in the vista he is looking at. More about the painting as it develops. Streached Canvas size is 100cm x 50cm


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faith hope charity.jpg
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Moonlit bay w colour_edited.jpg
maid of the sea1apj.jpg

This is the story of the Mermaid of Zennor

and Mathew Trewella


It is about the need to be loved and the search for the one soul mate. For Mathew was at a loss when it came to choosing his.​

This work follows the original tail. And gives a poetic voice to the characters in the story.

Currently I have now completed the story in a poetic form. 

The work of illustrating the poem is the next stage. The aim is to illustrate and make a number of hand made additions. 


This project consists of:    An illustrated poem    A dummy book     A Map     Ship diagram of its structure (in progress)    A back story in the making.

Whaling Dissertation 

This project was instrumental to my dissertation on Whaling in Whitby and its  influence on the industrial revolution and the continued effects on whale populations today. With the residue of our industrial past and present laying in sediments on our river banks and floors.

Today we battle with plastic and micro plastic ingested into all kinds of animal life. 

Our water companies who in the U.K are charged with keeping our rivers clean and safe are responsible for some of the worst pollution to be seen.

We talk of residue and layering of materiality. Two hundred years of our interactions with the planets recourses can be seen in our wildlife's struggle and demise. My work is about shinning a light on the plight of our oceans by the telling and illustrating of such stories has a whale being chased down because of greed. And ultimately the loss of human life because one man wanted more.

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Other Projects 


The tree of life

Whale Sculpures based on the Old Whale poem

A collection of poems

And the story of Prince Breacan and Corryvreckaa

Whirlpool near the Isle of Dura

Around Cornwall in 38 churns

Christmas of 2021, 

I was asked to take part in a charity event that would raise funds for Cornwall Hospice Care. Milk churns donated by Rodda's Creamery and decorated by Cornwall’s artist's. My painting is in keeping with the Authorial element of the MA. In September the Auction was run by Lays of Penzance, and will culminated in Truro Cathedral on the 21 September 2022. I have kept elements in the picture that has occurred in previous and current work, The Sea and The Moon in the form of a Nocturne. This Churn Raised £800 and match funding was applied. 

The Owl and the Pussy Cat


Telephone 07547 978198

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