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 Authorial Illustration

Authorial Illustration and story telling.

Image and Text in harmony. I am interested in telling a story has well as painting or creating an image of a good yarn. On this page you will see current work and projects that I am involved in at the moment.

The main event for me at present is my work on the Cornish folk story of the 'Zennor Mermaid'. A retelling of the story. There have been many interpretations of this story since the first 'writing down' by William Botterel in the 19th century. Before this it was past down by way of the oral tradition. It has been retold over and over in words and music has well has illustrated for children. My version uses poetry to convey the narrative and  illustration.

Isadora Salt And The Ancient Secret

My first commissioned book cover for this older children book. A fantasy adventure. Painted in watercolour and a pencil drawing of a victorian magnifying glass.


Isadora Salt.._
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